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Review by Norm Johnson – Gene Ferrari October 3, 2015 – Italian American Club

Gene Ferrari IAC 2015This week I’m going to catch up on a few shows that I have failed to write into my reviews. The first one took place at the Italian American Club (IAC) in its spacious showroom. The second took place at the Golden Nugget downtown.

The showroom at the IAC was filled to capacity as the 12-piece Mariano Longo orchestra began to go to work, the lights went down, and a dark haired man, attired in a beautifully tailored tuxedo, slowly entered the stage and began to sing. Gene Ferrari was back in one of his favorite cities. With a big smile he opened the 90 minute performance with “The Power of Love,” immediately followed by “Love is in the Air,” and “Yesterday.” Ferrari has a wonderful and powerful tenor voice and he knows exactly how to use it. Throughout the 19 plus songs performed, he immersed himself into each song so easily, it was like seeing and hearing a silk cloth float in the air, as each note was perfectly placed.

Gene did nearly 15- minutes in a special medley dedicated to the great music composed and performed by Neil Diamond. The list included “Sweet Caroline”, “Love on the Rocks,” and “Solitary Man,” ending with the fabulous “America.” When he was finished it was a standing-ovation for his ability to bring the songs so alive. He followed with a song made famous by his mentor, Engelbert Humperdinck, “Please Release Me.”

Two special guests were in the audience and brought to the stage. Noted TV personality Tony Sacca, and Elvis impressionist James Lawrey.

It is this writer’s thought that Gene Ferrari will be back soon, as the audience loved him and showed it with thunderous applauses and a couple standing ovations. If I was an entertainment buyer I would be on his trail. Just sayin’.